Patafunk Releases Tropical Music Video for, ‘Marina (Feat. Braveboy)’

        On the heels of the release of the critically-acclaimed album, ‘High Life!’, Patafunk delivers a mesmerizing music video for his hit record, ‘Marina’, featuring Trinidadian artist, Braveboy.

        ‘Marina’ is a tropical, feel-good anthem inspired by the classic and international Italian hit, ‘Marina’, by Rocco Granata from 1959. Marina’s video–directed by Timur Monè, Michael Mooleedhar, and edited by Manas Khaldarov of Film One Pictures–visually and artistically honors its ocean-tropical vibes, while also embracing the art of dance and movement. The ocean, its vastness and beauty, is a central character of the visual story. Choreographed by Nado Jackson (@nadoafrodancer), the video also features a combination of afro-beat steps, dancehall and Latin dance. It was filmed in Brooklyn, NY and Trinidad & Tobago.

        Marina is the first video release of ‘High Life’, a Latin-alternative album that refuses to fit neatly into any particular genre. In it, Patafunk incorporates different Latin and African musical styles, such as reggaeton, salsa, reggae, dem-bow, hi-life, dancehall, cumbia, etc., as well as acoustic and electronic elements, and fuses them into one unique sound.

        The record and video was executive produced by Daniel ‘DJ Zev’ Dinov and released under Greenpoint Records.